sábado, 5 de junho de 2010

O conhecimento mutuo é a via para a paz duradoura

A propósito do mundial de futebol, o Guardian fez um pequeno guia com o essencial sobre cada país. Escrito por um escocês, Kevin McCarra. Excertos:


"Argentinians see their country as combining European art, culture and architecture with the opportunities provided by life in the new world. Which means you can wander with the gauchos but still get Eurotrash on cable."


"Manuel Cáceres, better known as Manolo, el del bombo, the team's self-styled No12, has been following Spain and banging «that fucking drum™» since the 1982 World Cup. The rotund Valencia bar owner returned from supporting the side in 1987 to find his family had walked out on him, a bittersweet timpani if ever there was one."


"National monument: The Statue of Liberty, still the cheapest way to get inside a woman in New York."


"The efficiency of Germany's social institutions, infrastructure and economic success has created a nation that is increasingly at ease with itself – it's not sexy dance music, or looking cool on a scooter, but hey…"

Uma das secções chama-se "The Triesman tapes ... what he didn't say", referindo-se ao ex-director da Federação Inglesa de Futebol, Lord Triesman, que foi apanhado por um tablóide a dizer à secretária e amante que se sabia que os espanhóis estavam, junto com os russos, a planear subornar árbitros e trinta por uma linha. Eis o que ele diria:


"Port-swilling, showboating, piri piri-splashing winkers with tiny custard tarts and music so depressing it makes Leonard Cohen sound cheery."


"Clog-barmy, bicycling, barge dwellers and mouse-blighted Windy Millers living in a place so flat you can watch your dog run away for five days."


"Onion-touting, amphibian-limb amputators and dead sheep arsonists who will get into bed with anyone to stop us getting what we deserve."


"This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars, this other Eden, demi-paradise... this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this Ingerland."