sábado, 18 de julho de 2009

Ask a Basterd*

O Brad Pitt contribuiu a sua experiência e sentido prático numa coluna da Wired entitulada How to Behave - the new rules (estilo Dear Abby). Dois exemplos:

I exaggerated my salary on my online dating profile. Should I fess up?

Hell no. Everyone lies online. In fact, readers expect you to lie. If you don't, they'll think you make less than you actually do. So the only way to tell the truth is to lie.

Can I answer my cell during a movie if it seems urgent?

Never. It may be a brief interruption—just a few seconds—but what if someone sitting near you is trying to make a decent bootleg? Did you ever think of that? Now all those street-corner copies are permanently defiled by your so-called "emergency." Don't be so damn selfish.

Não são maus conselhos.

* Nome que a Wired arranjou para o contributo do Brad Pitt; referência a Inglorious Basterds, do Tarantino e com o Pitt como cromo principal. Estreia em Agosto.