terça-feira, 27 de maio de 2008

Ku Kluck Bill

Meet Ku Kluck Bill, World youngest KluckerKlansmen won't have to go far to find friends in 'Platt National Park': 'The (Klan) playground of the southwest'. A good health and pleasure resort. Where klansmen and their families can find wholesome surroundings and a Klan atmosphere. A good program and parade Klan day, June 16, 1924. Come sunday and visit our churches.     A fine place to spend your vacation. Sulphur Klan no.38

As you lie there and listen to my voice
you know that I am your friend
and so, you can rest now
you will listen to my voice
and you'll remember everything I say
because you know
we love you
we want you
and we need you
and your family is very proud of you
you will listen to my voice
and you will rest quietly
you can do everything I tell you
and remember everything I tell you
you know we love you
and we want you
and we need you
and you are safe in our care
so when you are happy we are proud of you
all children stop some time each day to wash themselves
because everyone look so good when they are clean
and you are clean and careful
because you want to be clean
how nice you look
and how proud everyone is of you
new toys look so nice
and new clothes look nice
and you like to help by keeping your things
as nice and clean as they should be
and the best way to keep your things that way
is to always put your things away
when you are through playing with them
you can be real proud of yourself
and real proud that your things are nice and clean
and always put away
then everyone will know
that you are growing up
yes, you can be sure that when you pick up your things
and try to keep yourself clean
that you are helping
you are growing up
you are happy that you can help
you are so happy you are growing up
you like growing up
everyone has things they like very much
and you do too
and when everyone sees
how well you keep your toys and things
your whole family will be proud of you
yes, proud that you can do all the things they want you to
you will be happy