terça-feira, 8 de abril de 2008

O dilema

Alexei Sayle

"It was eight in the morning, the train was not due to depart until nine-thirty, so I was one of the first on board. Unfortunately I was not the very first. When planning this journey I had taken special care to book a double-berthed sleeping compartment all to myself by buying two tickets (I shout certain things about the Pope in my sleep and it can cause offense and embarrassment) so I was well pissed off to find a pasty-faced teenager sitting bolt upright on one of my two bunks. Life is a minefield for the committed Marxist. I was immediately faced with one of those dilemmas which confront those who try and live their life right and ethical i.e. — should I eject the youth on the grounds that I needed sole use of the compartment, just in case I happened, in my solitude, to think up a totally new strategy for the annihilation of monopoly capitalism? Or should I let an obviously needy proletarian fellow-traveller enjoy a little bit of luxury even if he hadn't paid good hard-earned fucking money for it? In the end I decided to let him be for the present, but if he started telling me about his racing pigeons I'd write an anonymous note to the ticket inspector and have him thrown out. The lad in question said nothing but stared straight ahead. 'Three kopeks short of a rouble,' I thought."

Train to hell (1984), Alexei Sayle

"Three kopeks short of a rouble" equivale a dizer "não joga com o baralho todo". Aqui encontra-se uma lista de alternativas. Alguns exemplos:

  • It's hard to believe he beat 100,000 other sperm.
  • If you stand close enough to him, you can hear the ocean.
  • He's not a complete idiot -- some parts are missing.