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"Around 1970, the artist Allen Jones got a call from Stanley Kubrick. The film director had seen an exhibition in which Jones had shown some extraordinary and disturbing pieces of sculpture.

They consisted of highly realistic female figures wearing high-heeled leather boots, and little else except some skimpy bondage wear and the accessories required to transform them into, respectively, a Hat Stand, a Chair and a Table.

Allen Jones

Allen Jones

These were human and highly sexualised pieces of furniture. Kubrick thought they would be just the thing for a scene in a new film he was planning, A Clockwork Orange.

The trouble was, the director imagined that Jones would design his sets for no fee, just a credit. When I talked to Jones in his London studio recently, he told me that Kubrick had said: «I'm a very famous film director, this will be seen all over the world and your name will be known.»

«I held the phone away from my ear, I was just staggered anyone would say that. It showed an ego that dwarfed that of any artist I've known.»

So Jones turned down the offer, and the pieces in question were produced by a set designer (though ironically, many continue to believe they were by Jones)."

Allen Jones: The day I turned down Stanley Kubrick, Telegraph (08.10.2007)

A Clockwork Orange - Stanley Kubrick

A Clockwork Orange (1971), Stanley Kubrick

"As a compromise, Jones offered to design costumes for the film. He made rubber outfits for the waitresses in the Korova Milk Bar, the last place where human interaction is still possible, and reasoned that, as everything would be entirely automated in this future society, waitresses would serve both decorative and social functions. Therefore the rubber costumes would be utilitarian at the front - when the waitress approaches and the customer is only interested in the food - and fetishistic at the back."

Snapshot: A Clockwork Orange design, Will Hodgkinson (The Guardian)

Korova Milk Bar (A clockwork orange) - Allen Jones

proposta recusada para o Korova Milk Bar (A Laranja Mecânica), Allen Jones

Será daí que veio a roupa do Sit on my face, dos Monty Python?

Live at the Hollywood Bowl - Monty Python

Live at the Hollywood Bowl (1982), Monty Python