segunda-feira, 10 de março de 2008


Num livro dos Monty Python — The Brand New Monty Python Papperbok (sic), publicado em 1973, com três aparições anteriores nesta espelunca —, encontra-se reproduzido um número do folheto The Biggot, de e para xenófobos ingleses. Um excerto:


If you must go to the continent, here are some of the places to visit:

  • The British Embassy, 35 Rue du Faubourg St. Honoré, Paris 8e
  • The British Embassy, Friedrich Ebert Allee 77, Bonn
  • The British Embassy, Via Conte Rosso 25, Rome
  • The British Consulate, Herengracht 460, Amsterdam
  • The British Chamber of Commerce, Mesryiyet Caddessi No.34, Tepbasi Beyoghi, Istanbul

Some useful terms of abuse to help you get the worst out of the countries you visit:

  • ITALIANS etc: Greaseballs. Dagos. Wops. Candles. Spaghetti-eaters. Ice-cream salesmen. Eye-ties.
  • EGYPTIANS: Gippos. Yellowbellies. Anti-yids. Sphinctas.
  • FRENCH: Froggies. Bloody French (N.B. The French are very easily insulted by the British. Almost anything will do.)
  • GERMANS: Krauts. Boche. Sausage-eaters. Square-heads (N.B. The Germans are an appallingly insensitive nation and therefore extremely hard to insult. Try setting fire to them or calling their Mercedes Volkswagens.)
  • COLOURED PEOPLE: Best not to even talk to them."