quinta-feira, 6 de março de 2008

Suécia vs. Dinamarca

Esqueçam a movimentação de divisões de blindados venezuelanos junto à fronteira com a Colômbia. É na Europa que se vive a verdadeira crise: Ikea vs. Carlsberg.

"Emotions against IKEA are running high in Denmark, where researchers claim the wildly popular Swedish home furnishings company only names cheap doormats and wall-to-wall carpeting after Danish towns, reserving Swedish names for its more expensive furniture. The discovery has the proud Danes itching for revenge.


For his part, Kjöller says the issue should not be played down. He argues that IKEA's denigrating naming convention symbolically portrays Denmark as the doormat of neighboring Sweden, a country with a larger economy and population.


They want to exact revenge, and they want to hit the Swedes where it hurts. According to one proposal, the Carlsberg Brewery, for example, could give one of its light beers a Swedish name. The Swedes detest light beer. Generally considered bland and tasteless, it is the only alcoholic beverage that can be sold in Sweden in places other than government-run liquor stores, which happen to have very limited hours."

Is IKEA Giving Danes the Doormat Treatment?, André Anwar (Der Spiegel, 06.03.2008)