sábado, 22 de março de 2008


"Polytics [sic] of

One person is one person. Two people are a situation. Three people are a network. Example: Abraham's buffoonish nephew Lot lived in Sodom. When God told Abraham that he was going to destroy that city, Abraham asked God if he'd cut his nephew a break. God said, «Done.» Networks have been around a long time, only recently named such.

In America the word «substances» has become inextricably associated with illegal drugs as the word «adult» has become associated with pornography. When an extremely general word is saddled with extremely specific meaning, its usefulness is compromised. Of course, we have more important things to worry about.

In 1990, authorities in Kyrgystan had to shut off electricity in the region because too many people stayed home from work to watch the 249 part Mexican soap opera «The Rich Also Cry.»

In the best art people recognize themselves. In the best entertainment people forget themselves. (Note to myself on the politics of making up epigrams: whether they turn out to be true or not, try to find a way to lose the know-it-all tone.)"

Polytix (Purple Prose 14), David C. Berman

Há uns anos, numa eliminatória da Liga dos Campeões, o Real Madrid foi eliminado pela Juventus num jogo em que o Figo falhou um penálti. Num programa humorístico catalão, "Una Altra Cosa", mostraram todos os golos da Juventus e esse falhanço, cada um com a sua legenda. A do Figo foi, justamente, "os ricos também choram".