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Gazing from a Lighthouse - Yoshiyuki Iwase

Gazing from a Lighthouse (1950), Yoshiyuki Iwase

"Water temperatures on the Onjuku coast are bearable only between June and September. Large harvests were impossible to haul up in strong currents, so tides had to be favorable, limiting diving days to about 20 per year. Ama [girls and women who harvested seaweed, turban shells and abalone from beneath the coastal waters] dove in three sessions a day, requiring extensive eating and warming at the fireside between runs. A good daily harvest required 60 to 80 dives of up to two minutes each, so ama had to develop and maintain substantial body fat to guard against hypothermia. With such rigors and risks, ama were paid enormous salaries, often making more in the short season than the village men made the whole year."

Biografia de Yoshiyuki Iwase

Mergulhadoras - Kitagawa Utamaro

Mergulhadoras (c. 1797–98), Kitagawa Utamaro

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