sexta-feira, 15 de fevereiro de 2008


Relentless (1993), Bill Hicks

Bill Hicks, o homem que um dia disse do papa:

"I love the Pope, I love seeing him in his Pope-Mobile, his three feet of bullet proof plexi-glass. That's faith in action, folks! You know he's got God on his side."

Morreu em 1994 de cancro do pâncreas, tinha 32 anos.

"When Bill Hicks died I didn't give it much thought. But since then -- since 1993 -- every few months I look at the world situation. And I think of the things Hicks missed. O.J. The Clinton impeachment. The 2000 election. 9/11. Iraq. The shift to a theocracy in America. And I get sad, 'cuz I'll never get to hear that genius motherfucker's take on all of these things. My depression at Hicks' death snuck up on me."

Patton Oswalt