quarta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2008


Ainda o sotaque escocês (levado ao extremo)...

Chewin' the Fat: Taysiders In Space

Recolhido nos comentários do YouTube:

"Right Ensign, gi' us warp factor ten and we'll open this big bastard up and see if it is shit off a shovel right enough!"
"Nae danger. Get yer belts oan!"
"You won't catch us wearing belts like a bunch of big poofters."
"Gonnae let us go to the replicator? Ah'm starving!"
"Aye, as long as you bring us back a mug of royal game soup and a couple o' ciders."
"What noo?"
"There's a right big whore ae a spaceship comin' towards us, an ye want tae see the bastardin' size o' the thing. It's a good yin or twa size bigger than oors, ken!"
"Ah telt ye before, any mair o' yer pish an I'll stick this right in yer crack!"
"Whit ye dain' ya daftie?"
"Well, Ah'm just havin a go on the holodeck Captain, Ah'm holodeck daft, ken?"
"Set phasers tae malky!"
"It's like hee-haw wuv ever seen afore Captain, ken?"
"He's deed captain, stone deed. Nae pulse or nothing... Will you stop keekin' at ma arsh ye pervert!"
"Captain, we're meddlin' with forces we can nae possibly comprehend!"
"Ye ken fine yer gaggin' fer it, eh?"
"Ye've hee-haw chance o' getting' yer hole! Yer an android, ye've goat nae knob!"
"Och awa' and dinnae talk pish!"

"Set phasers to malky!"

Segundo a Wikipédia, "malky" é um termo escocês que quer dizer "cabeçada" ("headbutt", também conhecido como "Glasgow kiss"). Antigamente tinha o significado mais genérico de "porrada", "tareia", "sova" ("Ye're gannae get the malky").

Mesmo numa paródia óbvia como esta, não se deve menosprezar a enfermidade dos trekkies. Um comentário no YouTube:

"Even if a Starfleet academy WAS opened in Scotland that wouldnt mean only scots would attend. Chekov presumably went to Starfleet Academy in San Franciso.
Plus they have DS9 uniforms, Nemesis and season 3 TNG ones at the same time, and no communicators. Not to mention the collar pip rank pins look like thetre just slapped on with no rhyme or reason.
Very, very poor attention to accuracy. And I cant understand what theyre saying. I know real Scots and they dont talk like that."

Depois de ser naturalmente ridicularizado, prosseguiu:

"[My God, you're a spaz... ] For having a differing opinion. Right. Im sorry you dont like it but the facts back me up therefore my statement is justified. And it wasnt directed at anyone here on a personal level, So there's really no call to insult me simply for stating facts.
If youre going to do something take the care to do it right. Not like there isnt a wealth of Star Trek resources to consult. That's all Im saying."