quinta-feira, 30 de outubro de 2008

Capuchinho Vermelho?

Alguns comentários no YouTube:

"It's an ad for Saabasu Mansion (Service mansion?)
Her name is Anabukin-chan. She sings «Your hopes will grow, your dreams will grow, even your chest will grow!»"

"This commercial is for a construction company named Anabuki Koumuten. The concept of the commercial is based on the word «mune» which by itself means «chest» and the expression «mune ga fukuramu» which means to grow excited in anticipation. In this case the characters are excited about the new apartment complex which is represented by their overly grown breasts."

"words to the song so you know what they're talking about:
«Your dreams expand, Surpass mansion
Your expectations expand, Surpass mansion
Your chest expands, expands, expands
Surpass mansion.»
Surpass mansion is a specialized condo/apartment complex company."

Finalmente, aquele bicho com um problema no escroto é um Tanuki.