terça-feira, 8 de julho de 2008

Hardcore 2

Metal for Jesus


Christian Metal is just as brutal and heavy as the Secular when it comes to the music. What differs is the lyrics. Instead of having bad, destructive or meaningless lyrics (I'm not saying that all secular bands have lyrics in this vein but many have) the lyrics in Christian Metal are positive. They are bold but positive. They tell the good news about Jesus Christ and have positive lyrics from a Christian point of view where they try to uplift their fans and bring them closer to Christ.

Instead of dragging people down they are showing them that they can find the meaning of life, have a living relationship with God and go to Heaven too, by just believing that Jesus died for them on the Cross in their place. So the music is "the same" but the lyrics are very different.

The lyrics also talk about the hate we Christians have for Satan and all the bad things he does. They also deal with things that are totally wrong in the society. Some lyrics are also about ordinary things that we face every day. But the main focus in the lyrics is about Jesus Christ, why He came, what He did, and what He can do in people's life when they choose to follow Him.

FAQ about christian metal, Johannes Jonsson

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