sexta-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2006


Take the Money and Run - Woody Allen

Virgil Starkwell
Take the Money and Run (1969), Woody Allen

"Narrator - In an effort to shed some light on this period of his life, we spoke with his father and mother.
They are ashamed of their son's criminal record and so wear disguises.

Mother - He was a good boy.
Father - Oh, come on. If he was a good boy, why are we wearing these? He's rotten! He's a gangster, that's what he is.
Mother - Oh! How can you say that! He was so bright... And he loved music.
Father - And he was an atheist. I tried to beat God into him. But he was too tough.
Mother - He was trying to get away from us and be independent and make his own life and be a human being on his own... You are a very dominating person.
Father - What?!
Mother - You are! And he was trying to find himself.
Father - Ok, look, I'll talk to you later about the whole thing."